Marie Antoinette Inspired Hair

6:44 PM

Inspired by the movie, Marie Antoinette with Kirsten Dunst. I created an 18th Century Pouf hairstyle on my daughter.  Yes, that is her real hair, not a wig.  I began with about 5 plastic grocery bags.  I placed 4 of the bags inside one bag.  I then shaped it into a pillow on top of her head. Her hair reaches about 2" lower than her shoulders. Here is a tutorial I found using a wig. Wig Tutorial.  I just created a soft armature (plastic bag pouf) and designed it on her head instead.

This took about 45mins of just pulling up her hair around the plastic bags.  I used about 80 bobby pins.  So have plenty on hand.  I also used hairspray on each strand. I decorated the finished hair with flowers and bugs for Halloween.

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