How to Haunt Your Bathroom! Scare the Pee out of your Guests.

6:52 PM

Over the years I have hosted many Halloween Parties, so my guests are on the look out for tricks cleverly placed around the house.  This year I decided to place a large plastic tarantula spider inside the lid of the toilet seat.  Knowing my guests would suspect something in the powder room I tried to distract the guest by placing a vampire portrait above the toilet.  I had glued a second large spider to the mirror which attracted their attention as they did something mundane as lifting the toilet seat.  So each time a new guest entered the restroom I waited to hear a scream.  No screams came, instead it was muffled cursing.  One guest came out and said, I suspected something, but I was too busy looking around when I lifted the seat, “Damn, that startled me”.

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